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Our Credit Repair Process


We challenge negative items with all three bureaus, ensuring your credit reports are accurate.


We ask your creditors to verify the negative items they are reporting. If they can't, they are required by law to stop reporting them.


We continue to monitor your credit, addressing additional issues, and help you rebuild positive credit history.


Our in house lenders help monitor items to ensure your credit file can get through underwriting.


Once approved, you will be assigned a realtor in your area. With 20 years of experience, we will work hard to find your dream home.


We will be with you every step of the way, making your home purchase smooth and easy.

Only $89 w/credit monitoring

Ask About Our Home Buyer Program

Our credit professionals will go to work and have you qualified in no time. If you are tired of renting we can help you with a conventional mortgage or see if the FHA lease to own fits your family's needs. With credit experts, lenders, and licensed real estate agents included in our program we will have you out home shopping as quickly as possible.

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Only $89 w/credit monitoring

Powerful Credit Monitoring Tools


Every Aspect when it comes to Your Credit

Every credit situation is unique and requires a specific focus to rebuild quickly and effectively. A personalized approach targeting utilization, new history, financial training, and savings for each individual guarantees success. We understand not everyone will hire us; so at the very least, monitor and rebuild with the accounts provided below.

Credit Monitoring

Score Tracker, Score Builder or Score Master

It is now easier than ever to track all your scores with simple charts or in-depth information. See exactly what is helping or hurting your credit score. Get a 120-Day Plan for a better score. Be the master of your credit score!

Credit Monitoring
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Secure Credit Card

The easiest way to build credit

Your secured card is issued by MasterCard and gives you the freedom to make purchases with your card everywhere MasterCard is accepted. Sign up in 2 minutes with NO credit score approval. Once established will report to all 3 credit bureaus. By enrolling through Approved Credit Resources sponsored profile all of your processing fees are waived on your deposit to open your Credit Builder Card!

Credit Builder Card
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Savings Account

Transform your credit and savings

Having a mix of credit reporting will boost your overall credit strength. The Credit Strong Account allows you to have an installment line item reporting. If you add that with the secured card above your credit profile will now report with an installment and revolving accounts. Having this mix will help boost your scores. This account will also help you save for that upcoming home purchase.

Savings Account
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5 Steps To Success!

Monitor Your Score

The first step is to pay attention to all 3 credit scores. Monitor your credit score, know what’s in your credit report, and make sure that you’re always on top of it.

Have you ever heard the quote... “That which is measured improves.” Peter Drucker, known as the founder of modern management brings a valid point. It stands to reason that you can’t really improve something if you’re not paying attention and measuring. So that’s why you need to constantly know where you’re at with your scores. The good news is that today, it’s easy to track your scores.

You may already be using a site like to get free credit scores... if not, DO NOT go sign up.

The problem with Credit Karma, aside from that they’re owned by TransUnion, is the site and app were designed as tracking mechanisms. TransUnion, as you know, is a credit reporting agency. But what most are unaware of is they make money through data mining. This means they sell our information to the highest bidder. Credit Karma does give you a look at your TransUnion and Equifax reports and scores BUT at a very serious cost. By using this service you are giving them the authorization to track your location and permission to sell your personal information obtained through the site to collection agencies and skip tracers. is another site that’s sponsored by Discover, and they give you an Experian FICO score. is yet another that offers access through most national bank services for free. The only issue is that ALL of these are owned and operated by the bureaus with a single purpose of gathering our information and selling it...

If you want a safe option, check out the monitoring Approved Credit Resources uses. There are powerful tools built-in as well!

Just a few lenders that trust us with their clients.

Lenders across the nation trust Approved Credit Resources to assist their clients with improving their credit and get to the finish line.

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