Can I Just Fix My Credit On My Own?

The simple answer is yes! If you are on a tight budget, DIY is an excellent alternative. Individuals hire a credit repair company to leverage their knowledge of the FCRA in your favor. Credit Repair is a process and some, either do not have the time or just want a professional to follow through with the process for them. If you are hesitant to hire a professional then jump in and get started on your own!

Approved Credit Resources have helped thousands of clients repair their credit and reach their Financial Goals. We also offer a simple DIY Credit Repair Kit for individuals on a tight budget. This Kit is designed to walk you through the complete process and put your family back on track. Remember, your credit can be fixed.

Let's review what is offered:

Here's What You'll Get

  • Winning The Credit Repair Game
  • ​All Items Needed To Get Started
  • ​Credit Bureau Addresses
  • ​How To Read A Credit Report
  • ​Credit Builder Accounts
  • ​Overview Of Results & How To Respond
  • ​Pre-Round 1 Personal Information investigation Letters
  • ​Personal Information Dispute Tactics
  • ​Round 1 - Initial Bureau Investigation
  • ​Round 2 - Bureau Follow Up
  • ​Round 3 - Different Avenues For Success
  • ​Round 4 - Direct To Creditor
  • ​Round 5 - Intent To File FTC Complaint
  • ​Factual Dispute Letters
  • ​Method Of Verification Letters
  • ​Many More Item Specific Letters

Benefits & Features

The DIY Credit Repair Kit is a powerful tool to ensure your credit not only improves, but will ensure you reach your credit goals.

Wether your trying to buy a new home or car, repairing your credit is vital to your overall financial stability!

Feature #1: No credit check builder accounts offered

Benefit #1: Increase your scores through positive credit history

Feature #2: All items needed to get started

Benefit #2: Having the necessary tools is a game changer for getting results

Feature #3: Step by step instructions

Benefit #3: Having the exact steps on how to respond after each round takes the guess work out of the process

If you have made your mind up and are jumping in on your own check out our DIY Credit Repair Kit. At least you will be armed with an outline and letters to set you on the right path.

Remember poor credit has a huge impact on your financial security and future savings. Make it a priority.

Keep Up the Struggle

Rebuilding your credit profile can seem daunting. One main tip is to continually monitor your credit to ensure there is nothing out of place. Deletions are important but rebuilding credit is key to longterm credit strength. Hang in there, improving your credit scores and financial position take time and patience. It's definitely not an overnight thing and if some credit repair company tells you so, run. The bottom line is it took years to damage your credit, so take the time, make the right choices moving forward and better credit will come.

It's easy to get started, just click the link below!

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