Signs You Need To Repair Your Credit

You might not know this, but credit scores play a much larger role in one’s life than you might realize. Your credit score affects your ability to get a credit card or a loan. Yes, it can certainly open up financing options. But, it impacts your ability to rent things, like property or vehicle, get utilities and even land a decent job. With that said, it is important that you maintain and keep looking for ways to improve your credit score, especially if it’s low or damaged. 

How do you tell whether your credit score needs fixing or not? The first thing that everyone should do is to check that either their credit score is in a particular range or what negative marks might be reporting. Although, there are some defining signs that you’ll want to look out for like late payments or collections but for starters the main areas to check are below. . If you want to know about those signs, then continue reading.

You have credit card debt

If your credit card debt is increasing day by day, then you might already be aware of your financial condition. If your credit card debt is mounting and you’re only able to make the minimum payment each month, then you’re in trouble. Debt will continue to grow, and you won’t have room for anything else than to pay interest on the debt. When you only make minimum payments, an interest rate applies to your credit card balance that keeps increasing until your debt is completely paid off. You need to make the necessary changes to ensure the interest that accrues is not keeping you from paying down the principle.

You were denied a loan

One of the biggest factors a lender looks at when deciding if you’ll be a responsible borrower is your credit score and payment history; the chances of getting a loan with bad credit are very slim. If if you are able to get approved for that car or house the interest rate will be triple the normal rate. Why pay more for the same item?

If you’ve been denied a loan, then it might be due to your lack of credit history, or you might have a certain type of collection from a banking institution. Even if you’ve been denied a loan for the very first time, it’s important to review your credit report as soon as you can. Remember these negative marks can be fixed.

You aren’t able to open a credit account

If you recently applied for a new credit card but were denied, then it might also be a sign that you need to work on your credit. Every credit card company follows protocols before issuing a credit card account; for example, they review your credit score, debt utilization ratio, along with other items on your credit report, before deciding if you’ll be a responsible borrower. If the company thinks that you’re too risky after viewing this information, then it’s a sign your credit needs attention. 

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