Your Education Should Never Own You

Approved Credit Resources has teamed up with Student Loan Survivors to ensure we keep providing quality services when it comes to your credit and finances. This is an amazing opportunity to help with student debt and in return build your credit scores.

Student Loan Survivors is here to take the stress and anxiety out of your student loan situation.  Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you during your student loan journey as we provide a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation session to determine what programs are right for you.

What Student Loan Survivors Does

During our one-on-one consultation we will look at your student loan situation and then determine which programs you qualify for and more importantly which student loan programs will benefit you best. We then streamline the application process. As a document preparation service, we prepare and submit applications to resolve federal student loans. If you qualify, we could help with one or more of the programs below:


Clients are most likely benefit if they are in the following circumstances:

  • In default with their federal student loan
  • Your tax refund is being seized by IRS
  • Your wages are being garnished by the IRS
  • Have a federal student loan currently being held by a collection agency
  • Work for a non-profit, government, or military organization
  • Are employed as teachers at a Title 1 school
  • Attended a school that has since closed down
  • Have multiple student loan servicers and are looking for a manageable payment
  • Are looking to lower their monthly payment due to income or family size

Clients are unlikely to benefit if they are:

  • In good standing with less than 10k in debt
  • Still enrolled in school
  • Going through an active bankruptcy.

Bottom Line

In a recent survey, 41 percent of people with student loans said they wouldn’t be able to afford a surprise bill of $400. Even fewer could handle a home repair or medical emergency, which can run into the thousands of dollars. It’s hard to quantify the impact of this financial uncertainty, but money worries can take a heavy toll on health, work performance, and relationships.

A simple consultation could change the way you operate your finances and lift the burden of student loan debt!

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