Top Questions to Ask Credit Repair Company

Bad credit is like a virus, it keeps on spreading until there is nothing left. Therefore, it is necessary that you should get your credit fixed, but can you do it yourself? You certainly can, but you won’t be aware of the practices or steps that must be taken to be successful.

This is where you would seek a credit repair company. A credit repair company will help you in improving your credit by making you aware of the best steps and practices. But you shouldn’t trust any credit repair company that comes to you asking for your credit card details. Instead, you should ask them the following questions to gauge their capabilities. 

Is The Credit Repair Company Qualified?

One of the biggest questions to ask a credit repair company is about their qualification as a trusted service provider. A reputable credit repair company must have the following attributes.

Community Relationships

A well-established credit repair company will have cordial relationships with financial affiliates, like loan offices and mortgage brokers. These established relationships show that large banks and mortgage providers trust them to help their clients. The Credit Repair Company builds that trust through positive results and getting a high percentage of the clients back over to the affiliates.


The credit repair company should provide references and success stories from previous clients. If a credit repair company hesitates in answering these basic questions, then you should think twice about working with such a company. Be sure to check their website for this type of information and while you're there look for quality information about the credit repair process.

How Long Until You’ll See Results?

Most credit repair companies will use the word “soon” instead of a concrete timeline. If a company says soon, then it’s necessary to ask them how long will they actually take. This will give you an insight into how transparent the credit card repair company will be. Remember, if the time line sounds too good to be true then it probably is. It took years of negative decisions pertaining to your credit to be in the position you are in. So, if they state 60 days and you are good then think twice about using those types of companies.

Are They Offering Any Guarantees?

If a credit repair company offers a guarantee in credit improvement, then they are just using another marketing gimmick. It is actual illegal for a credit repair company to guarantee results. You also should have a 3 day window to cancel services with no penalty and receive all of your money back. Do not fall for gimmicks that make claims that seem off or no definitive plan to actually improved your credit scores.

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